The ground items plugin now has an option to combine identical ground item menu entries.


The timers plugin has been updated with all of the new farming patches in the new farming guild. Additionally, the slayer plugin has been fixed to recognize slayer tasks assigned with locations from Konar.


There are also several smaller improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • Add clue scroll north of Mount Karuulm
  • Fix tile indicators to always show above tile markers
  • Add farming guild hot cold location to clue plugin
  • Fix prayer levels needed to next combat level calculation in combat level plugin
  • Add farming guild farming patches world map tooltips
  • Add Alchemical Hydra respawn timer
  • Add Aerial Fishing to fishing plugin
  • Fix agility shortcut requirements on the world map for the slayer tower shortcuts
  • Add Kebos Lowlands teleports and shortcuts to world map
  • Add task icons to slayer plugin for Kebos slayer monsters
  • Add hydra abbreviation for !kc command
  • Fix dropped item notifications to respect the only show loot option
  • Add Wyrm, Drake, and Hydra bones to skill calculator plugin


- Adam

New commits

We had 26 contributors this release!

Adam (10):
      http api: add runelite user agent to requests
      http service: disable logback packaging data
      loot tracker service: correct kill expiry query to use idx_time propertly
      account service: default last_used to current time
      http service: fix servlet not starting
      Add menu entry collapsing to ground items plugin
      Revert "Merge pull request #7089 from TheStonedTurtle/OverlayRightClickMenu"
      http service: replace JedisPool with own pool implementation
      chat commands: make !qp async
      http service: remove unused import

Brady (3):
      Add new farming patch trees to Menu Entry Swapper (pay) (#7286)
      Add clue scroll north of Mount Karruulm (#7285)
      Change tile indicator priority to be above ground markers (#7323)

Charlie Waters (3):
      Slayer plugin: minor config rearranging
      Slayer plugin: change regex groups to named groups
      Slayer plugin: Add task location tracking

DannysPVM (1):
      Only log the IOException message on failure to submit CML update.

Dustin Kieler (1):
      Update Tree Gnome Village h/c description and add Farming Guild h/c location (#7301)

HÃ¥kon Rosseland Paulsen (1):
      Accept frozen and volcanic whip as emote clue requirement (#7318)

Jake Wilson (1):
      timetracking: add default time in minutes to config (#7227)

Jordan Atwood (3):
      combatlevel: Clean up plugin code
      combatlevel: Fix prayer level needed to next combat
      Fix world map surface selector widget ID

Journey (1):
      Add Farming Guild farming patch world map tooltips (#7268)

Kamiel (1):
      Fix hot/cold clue location description typo

Keith-Cancel (2):
      Add "fog" and "draw distance" tags to GPU plugin (#7306)
      Add Alchemical Hydra Respawn timer (#7313)

Magic fTail (2):
      Add Aerial Fishing to fishing plugin
      Add item mappings for items introduced in Kebos update

Max Weber (4):
      cache: Generate NullItemID
      ThinProgressBar: Manually paint
      PatchImplementationTest: Don't immediately fail upon finding an error
      farming: Support Kebos Lowlands update

Monster Sync (1):
      Remove misspelled 'piscarilius' from achievement diary plugin.

MonsterxSync (1):
      Add missing requirement to kourend & kebos diary plugin.

Rich (1):
      Correct the agility shortcuts at slayer tower (lvl 61 and 71) (#7293)

SebastiaanVanspauwen (3):
      Worldmap: Add Kebos Lowlands teleports and shortcuts (#7291)
      Worldmap: Fix CIR fairy ring location (#7308)
      Slayer plugin: Add slayer icons for kebos slayer monsters (#7330)

Steffen Hauge (1):
      Add Alchemical Hydra to kc abbreviations

TheStonedTurtle (2):
      Move getImageSpritePixels to ImageUtil
      Add right click functionality to overlays

Tim Granata (2):
      Add Ring of Visibility emote clue requirement
      Correct chinchompa h/c clue typo

Tomas Slusny (6):
      Respect "Only show loot" option for item notifications
      Remove tags from loot tracker box title
      Add support for unarmed a speed, and inverse a speed display
      Update item variations to latest OSRS cache
      Add ClientTick event
      Use client real dimensions for canvasTopRight

Trevor Guidry (1):
      Make Pyramid Plunder widget layoutable

William (1):
      Add Mount Karuulm agility shortcuts to agility plugin (#7302)

ermalsh (1):
      idle notifier: add Piscarilius crane repair

steffenhauge (1):
      Add support for "quick-open" at Hydra to MenuEntrySwapper (#7311)

wonnetz (1):
      Add Wyrm Bones, Drake Bones, and Hydra Bones to SkillCalc plugin (#7274)