A chat timestamp plugin was added which adds a timestamp to messages.


A cooking plugin has been added which tracks success and burn rates.


The ground items overlay can now be quickly hidden by double tapping alt. It can be unhidden by pressing alt again. Thanks to @Berry-95 for this contribution.


Gargoyles, desert lizards, mutated zygomites, and rockslugs now have an overlay shown when they are weak and can be killed with their corresponding item.

The xp drop plugin can now be configured to show fake XP drops at tick intervals, if there is no xp drop at that time.


There are also several smaller improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • Fix GPU plugin sometimes getting stuck in a canvas rebuild loop after the client starts
  • Fix level 37 wilderness hot clue step location
  • Add Bottle of Wine stats to item stats plugin
  • Add silver jewellery to crafting skill calculator
  • Add missing empty ammo slot requirements to emote clues
  • Prevent overlays rendering if fullscreen map is open


- Adam

New commits

15987632 (1):
      Fix level 37 wilderness hot clue step location (#6990)

Adam (17):
      Revert "config panel: change spinner change listener to a focus listener to reduce change spam"
      config manager: defer submitting config changes to config service
      config manager: correct adding unset keys to pendingChanges
      api: add timestamps to message nodes, expose message id
      xp drop plugin: add disabled xp drop ticker
      http api: add loot tracker service and client
      loot tracker: submit loot to api
      Revert "Fix freeze on disabling GPU plugin"
      Revert "Remove distance check from agility plugin"
      http service: remove tomcat deploy
      Remove cache-server
      emote clue: add missing requirement to "Clap in the magic axe hut"
      ground items config: correct formatting from previous commit
      http service: add endpoint for websocket session count
      client: add cooking plugin
      api: mark getTransformedComposition as Nullable
      slayer plugin: fix npe from getTransformedComposition returning null

David Meredith (1):
      Add Bottle of Wine stats to item stats plugin (#6989)

Henry Darnell (1):
      Add silver jewelry to crafting skill calculator

Loopytop (1):
      Add Wintertodt plugin description

Magic fTail (2):
      Add timestamp plugin
      Fix the description of the wintertodt plugin and add boss tag

MonsterxSync (1):
      Add missing clue requirement "Salute in warriors guild"

Sam Beresford (2):
      Add ability to hide all ground items on double tap of hotkey(ALT) (#6712)
      Add item overlay to show when monsters are weak enough to finish off (#6710)

TheStonedTurtle (1):
      Fix party hat buy limits

Tomas Slusny (2):
      Make GL version choosing platform specific
      Add space after timestamp

William (1):
      Add missing empty ammmo slot requirement to emote clues (#7002)

trimbe (1):
      Prevent overlays rendering if fullscreen map is open