The world switcher plugin now shows the ping to each game world.


The item stats plugin will now show equipment stats when hovering over items.


The timers plugin now shows an additional infobox for when vengence is active alongside the existing vengence cooldown timer.


The idle notifier now has a notification for when your special attack regenerates to a configurable percent.

The camera zoom plugin now allows reducing the outer zoom limit, as well as the usual extending of it, by setting the limit negative.

There are also several smaller improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • The hiscore plugin can now show unranked levels, if the player is on the hiscores
  • Add Xeric's aid and revitalisation potions to itemstats plugin
  • Fix slayer plugin tracking Commander Zilyana tasks
  • Add Deadman Mode Tournament hiscore support to the hiscore plugin and opponent info hitpoints lookup
  • Fix the bounty hunter interface to be movable again
  • Add wyvern staircase to agility plugin
  • Correct Oak Armchair level requirement in Construction Skill Calc
  • Fix grounditems "only show loot" option to work correctly with multi-tile NPCs
  • Fix itemstats papaya fruit health restore

The requirements for the GPU plugin have been slighly reduced to OpenGL 4.2 with the GL_ARB_compute_shader and GL_ARB_shader_storage_buffer_object extensions.


- Adam

New commits

Adam (17):
      hiscore panel: support hiscore results with no rank
      world hopper: add world ping
      world switcher: fix race with fetching worlds while pinging
      status bars overlay: avoid resizing prayer icon each frame
      herbiboar plugin: only check trails when in herbiboar region
      overlay manager: use EnumMap for overlay layers
      client: add Range config annotation
      http service: optimize session queries
      http-service: set session table engine to MEMORY
      http-service: set kc table engine to MEMORY
      idle notifier: add spec regen notifier
      client: fix logback config to log messages from threads
      sesssion controller: create sessions when pinging unknown sessions
      Increase session ping time to 10 minutes
      config panel: change spinner change listener to a focus listener to reduce change spam
      api: expose IterableHashTable
      api: expose chat messages hashtable

Austin Crinklaw (1):
      Add Xeric's aid and revitalisation potions to itemstats plugin

Jake Wilson (1):
      slayer task: change 'Zilyana' to 'Commander Zilyana'

Jordan Atwood (4):
      WorldType: Make PVP_WORLD_TYPES final
      Add DMM Tournament world type
      Handle Deadman Tournament world type in plugins
      timers plugin: Update SDMM teleblock handling

Kamiel (1):
      Make whole bounty hunter widget moveable (#6886)

Kyle Goodale (1):
      perspective: use Path2D for construction instead of area in get2DGeometry

Max Weber (3):
      runelite-api: move WidgetType into n.r.api.widgets
      runelite-api: Fix various incorrect or misleading javadocs
      runelite-client: Write logs to log directory instead of cwd

MaxBartlett (1):
      Added wyvern cave stairs to agility plugin obstacles (#6900)

Samuel Beresford (1):
      Correct Oak Armchair level requirement in Construction Skill Calc

TheStonedTurtle (1):
      ground items: fix "only show loot"

Tomas Slusny (3):
      Try to enable compute shaders on GL 4.2
      Use GLSL 420 with extensions in comp_unordered
      item stats: add support for equipment stats

Twiglet1022 (2):
      Fix freeze on disabling GPU plugin
      Allow lowering of outer zoom limit in the camera zoom plugin

Tyler Hardy (1):
      timer plugin: add vengeance active indicator

ZeahProduct (1):
      itemstats: fix papaya fruit health restore

forsco (1):
      Fix bounty hunter widget name (#6893)