Stretched mode combined with the GPU plugin will now scale the UI independently of the rest of the game (the game is left unscaled). Thanks to @dbolya for this great contribution.

stretched-rezizable stretched-fixed

The GPU plugin now shades more similarly to the CPU renderer by default. You can turn on the previous behavior by enabling the 'Smooth banding' option in the GPU plugin settings.

The camera zoom plugin now has a configurable outer zoom limit, which controls how far the ingame zoom can zoom out.

GPU fixes for this week:

  • Fix texturing for volcanic whips, Fountain of Rune, closed bank booths, and others.
  • Fix screenshots with stretched mode.

There are also several smaller improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • Fix pasting on the login screen on OSX
  • Fix observatory shortcut highlight
  • Fix slayer plugin not working on the first assigned slayer task
  • Add Ivandis Flail to prayer plugin
  • Fix the world map plugin to not noticibly drop FPS when the map is open
  • Fix freeze timer not showing when you move on the same tick as being frozen
  • Fix incorrect slayer kills remaining count in xp tracker


- Adam

New commits

We had 20 contributors this release!

Adam (9):
      Remove update check service and client
      gpu: move priority_map and count_prio_offset to priority_renderer
      gpu: move common compute header to its own file
      gpu: add shader for tiles
      gpu: split camera position from model position
      gpu: remove duplicate definition of struct modelinfo in comp.glsl
      gpu: move hslToRgb to its own file
      gpu: add toggle for color banding
      runelite-api: add skull icon api for local player

Alexsuperfly (1):
      MLM Plugin: Add toggle for rocks highlighting (#6181)

Daniel Bolya (2):
      gpu: add UI scaling when using GPU with stretched mode
      Fixed screenshots in GPU mode with stretching enabled.

Davis Cook (2):
      Fix action and time estimates only appearing after 2 actions (#6624)
      Fix incorrect slayer kill remaining count in xp tracker (#6615)

Dennis (2):
      gpu: fix textured faces with alpha
      gpu: fix untextured faces

Jochim Van Dijck (1):
      Enable Command-V login screen pasting on macOS

Jordan Atwood (1):
      timers: Correctly add freeze timer upon frozen while moving

Joshua Filby (3):
      feat: add StructDefinition to cache
      cache: Add ScriptVarType to Enums
      cache: prevent dumping enums with no data

Lotto (1):
      stretchedmode: reduce wait time after changing scaling percentage

Magic fTail (2):
      camera plugin: add expand outer zoom limit option
      Add id to script output

Max Weber (1):
      runelite-client: update to use client patch

MaxBartlett (1):
      Fix observatory shortcut highlight (#6723)

Michael (1):
      Add support for parsing first slayer task (#6677)

Omar Abdellatif (1):
      Truncate username and password string before pasting if necessary

Sam Beresford (3):
      Add Ivandis Flail (+5) to prayer plugin (#6664)
      Correct tooltip for notification when focused in RuneLite settings (#6695)
      Auto-hide sidebar close button when not hovered (#6694)

TheStonedTurtle (1):
      Properly update MLM sack values on login/logout (#6627)

Tomas Slusny (10):
      Properly close GL context and lock surface
      Do not use static imports for GL constants
      Remove distance check from agility plugin
      Properly parse stat change value in status bars
      Change dev tools fonts to constant
      Unify dev tools toggles to 1 button type
      Move widget and itemIndex to DevToolsOverlay
      Fix access levels in dev tools plugin
      Disable inspector buttons on close in dev tools
      Check for canvas location being non null in TOG

Twiglet1022 (2):
      Improve responsiveness of fishing idle notification (#6457)
      Correct some tick/millis explanatory comments in runelite api (#6383)

l2- (1):
      gpu: suppress debug messages for generic warnings with severity unknown

trimbe (1):
      world map plugin: optimize clipping of world map points