The Bank Tags plugin now utilizes a new custom input box which includes a moveable typing cursor, multiple character selection, and mouse interaction. Additionally, as a result, editing tags will no longer clear any open bank searches. Huge thanks to @Abextm for writing the framework of the new chatbox, and to @raiyni for hooking it in to the bank tag plugin.

Enhanced chatbox input

The XP Tracker plugin will now display the remaining number of kills to reach a level in combat skills, rather than the number of actions. Thanks to @deathbeam for this update.

xp tracker: kills to level

When running RuneLite with custom chrome disabled, the sidebar switcher image will be a small Runescape-themed arrow in the upper-right corner of the screen. Thanks to @deathbeam and @Abextm for this improvement.

native chrome sidebar closer

There are also several smaller improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • The WASD Camera plugin will now prepends your player name to the chatbox text
  • The Examine plugin will now perform price lookups on items examined within the looting bag interface
  • The Menu Entry Swapper plugin now offers a "Repairs" option swap for the dark mage
  • A configuration option has been added to the Opponent Information plugin which allows you to hide the "Opponent's opponent" line which ordinarily appears beneath the health bar in multi-combat zones
  • Game overlays in the fixed viewport should now be more accurate
  • Fix Werewolf agility course xp in the skill calculator
  • Add Burgh de Rott shortcut to agility plugin


- Jordan

New commits

We had 14 contributors this release!

Adam (3):
      wasd plugin: add player name to chatbox text
      player mixin: remove unused field
      entity hider: check for players with no names

Dylan Critz (1):
      examine plugin: add looting bag item examine support

Hydrox6 (2):
      Make Twitch messages respect custom Chat Colours
      chat message manager: fix update to not access varbits outside of client thread

John McDonnell (1):
      skill calculator: fix werewolf agility course xp

Jordan Atwood (4):
      inventory tags plugin: clean up plugin code
      inventory tags plugin: Use MenuManager
      Add JagexColors constants file, update Color uses
      wasdcamera: Fix chat text color on transparent chatbox

KasparRosin (1):
      menu entry swapper: add dark mage repairs swap

Lotto (2):
      stretchedmode: fix size not being reset on plugin disable
      stretchedmode: retain aspect ratio when scaling

Max Weber (5):
      cache: Correct Location loading
      itemstats: Use correct crab meat
      zoom: Adjust inner zoom limit to safe value
      runelite-client: Don't check if customChrome is enabled after startup
      runelite-client: Use Runescape themed closer for sidebar when overlaying

MaxBartlett (1):
      Add Burgh de Rott shortcut to agility plugin (#6380)

Ron Young (6):
      tag search should be startsWith not contains
      Add BERSERKER_NECKLACE prayer bonus
      ScriptEvent: import op, opbase, and source
      BankTags: refactor to use ChatboxPanelManager
      Bank tags: Preserve search when editing tags
      Bank tags: Move search functions to a separate class

Sam England (1):
      Add food hover overlay for Thin and Fat Snail meat (#6362)

Tomas Slusny (8):
      Properly update last action times in Idle Notifier
      Add support for lastCombatCountdown to combat idle
      Make ItemVariationsMapping use generated json
      Cleanup SwingUtil
      Add support for hiding/showing sidebar button
      Create NPC manager that can return HP for NPC
      Create different action types for XpTracker plugin
      Add support for kills left to XpTrackerPlugin

Tyler Harding (1):
      opponent info: add configuration for show opponent's opponent

WooxSolo (5):
      Improve hovered tile accuracy
      Fix localToCanvas calculation on fixed screen
      Remove viewportOffset calculation from prayer bar
      Remove viewportOffset calculation from demonic gorillas
      Remove viewportOffset from get2DGeometry