The Stretched Mode plugin (formerly known as the Stretched Fixed Mode plugin) now supports stretching the game in resizable mode. Thanks to @devLotto for adding this feature!

Stretched resizable mode at 75% resizing

You can now tag and un-tag all variations of an item, e.g. all dosages of a particular type of potion, all charges of an Amulet of Glory, or all degraded states of a Barrows equipment piece or piece of crystal equipment, etc. To do so, drag the item onto a tag tab while holding Shift, or add "*" to the end of the tag. Thanks to @raiyni and @deathbeam for developing this feature.

Bank tags: tagging and untagging variations

Shift-click configuration now applies to all variations and charges of items too in very similar way as new bank tab improvements do. This means that some previous shift-click configuration on affected items will be reset. Thanks to @deathbeam for implementing this.

There are also several smaller improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • Some clue scrolls will display less text in their panels to take up less space
  • Added Abyssal Bracelet charge tracking
  • The Slayer plugin will no longer desync when slaying Grotesque Guardians with the Double Trouble reward active
  • Chopping sullicep mushrooms now activates the woodcutting plugin
  • Fix clue and bounty hunter hiscores lookup for update


- Jordan

New commits

We had 16 contributors this release!

15987632 (1):
      Add support for objects to Anagram clues

Adam (4):
      feed controller: add cache control for feed result
      http api/service: map .js to application/json and use in http clients
      Remove model viewer
      http-api: lombok HiscoreResult

Alexsuperfly (4):
      XPglobes: capitalize XP in globe tooltip
      Item Charges: add Abyssal Bracelet charge tracking (#6184)
      Remove White Helm requirement from Sir Vyvin cryptic clue (#6179)
      Slayer Highlighting: Add all types of shades to task target list (#6182)

Arthur Tyukayev (2):
      Fix typo in Lunar Isle teleport location (#6218)
      Make twitch channel string case insensitive (#6223)

Dustin (1):
      Stop slayer kills desync for Grotesque Guardians with Double Trouble reward active (#5983)

Farmour (1):
      Apply PM chat recolor for PMODs in loadColors

Gamer1120 (1):
      Add consistency to capitalization of timer in Timers settings

Hydrox6 (1):
      Merge multiple varbitChanged events in AttackStyles to one (#6258)

KasparRosin (1):
      Update Hot/Cold location NW of fishing tutor (#6230)

Lotto (2):
      stretchedfixedmode: add resizable interface scaling
      stretchedfixedmode: rename plugin to 'stretched mode'

Magic fTail (2):
      Fix JavaDoc for hitsplat colours (#6237)
      http api/service: update Jagex hiscore API

Mattias Cederlund (1):
      Recognize all Pharaoh's sceptre versions for emote clues (#6233)

Max Weber (3):
      cluescrolls: Add STASH unit object ids to emote clues
      cluescrolls: Move Druids' circle clue to the stash
      cluescrolls: Move trollheim emote clue to Trollheim

Ron Young (2):
      Add ItemVariationMapping enum and test
      Add ability to set/read tags on varations of items

SebastiaanVanspauwen (1):
      Woodcutting: Add support for sullicep mushrooms for logs/hr and logs cut (#6245)

Tomas Slusny (12):
      Fix combat brace slayer task race condition
      Swap "Perks" option with "Admire" for mounted max cape
      Remove full clue description from CrypticClue
      Remove full clue description for Hot/Cold clue
      Add back check for widget.isHidden() to TabInterface
      Export ObjectComposition ID
      Add support for impostors to clue scroll plugin
      Fix combat brace slayer test after double trouble addition
      Move SlayerUnlock to net.runelite.api.vars
      Use ChatMessageManager to send game messages in Notifier
      Correctly highlight Juna for cryptic clue step
      Add support for configuring shift-click for variation items