New Twitch plugin was added that allows you to connect your chat with some specific Twitch channel. All messages received from this channel are sent in clan chat type with prefix [Twitch] and you can reply to messages by prefixing your message with //.


The Player-owned House plugin now displays a timer for incense burners. The time per light is variable based on the lighter's Firemaking level, so it will display a green timer while it is guaranteed to remain lit, and a yellow timer for the estimated extra time. Thanks to @deathbeam and @forsco for this feature.

POH incense burners

The Loot Tracker plugin has a new configuration to ignore certain loot drops, which will dim these items and exclude their value from the displayed loot value, and a toggle for whether they should appear in the loot tracker display at all. Thanks to @psikoi for making this feature possible!

Loot Tracker: toggling items to be ignored Loot Tracker: hiding ignored items Loot tracker: tooltip of ignored items

Items required for clue steps are now automatically (and implicitly) tagged "clue", and can be searched for in the bank. Never waste time poring through your bank for the exact items you need again! Thanks to @raiyni for this feature.

Searching the bank for clue items

There are also several smaller improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • Recent clan chat listings with spaces in their names no longer become corrupted
  • Multiple marks of grace can now be highlighted while training on rooftop agility courses
  • Mounted capes now prioritize Teleport and Spellbook options in a player-owned house via the menu entry swapper plugin
  • If set, XP globes now use the ingame skill goals for displaying completion progress


- Jordan

New commits

We had 14 contributors this release!

Adam (3):
      Wait for process termination when sending notifications
      config panel: add support for password fields
      runelite-client: add Twitch chat plugin

Brett (1):
      Add idle notification for mixing ultracompost (#6052)

Christopher O'Hara (1):
      Show hop-to option in clan chat menu when target player is a friend and their private chat is off

Jordan Atwood (1):
      mta telekinetic room: Fix finish point comparison

KasparRosin (1):
      Replace Ardougne cloak with Explorer's ring in MES teleport description (#6158)

Lotto (3):
      Change 'username' to 'player name' in usernameInTitle
      puzzlesolver: break out -1 piece value into a constant
      puzzlesolver: make exclusive use of PuzzleSolver's constants

Max Weber (10):
      runelite-api: Make MouseListener an interface, add MouseAdapter
      Add JavaScriptCallback to allow java callbacks instead of cs2
      Add ChatboxPanelManager to allow for more advanced chatbox inputs
      fairyrings: Use ChatboxPanelManager's input
      ChatboxTextInput: Assume end cursor when changing value
      ChatboxTextInput: Don't divide by zero when clicking on an empty string
      ChatboxTextMenuInput: return this from build
      ChatboxTextInput: Fix blinking cursor
      loottracker: Lazily rebuild panels
      Limit amount of LootTrackerBoxes to 500

Robin Withes (2):
      Add tears of guthix rock obstacle to agility obstacles (#6096)
      Add draynor stile obstacle to agility plugin (#6112)

Ron Young (6):
      text: Add Jagex name formatter
      clan chat plugin: Use Jagex name format
      Add clue scroll service
      Hookup clue scroll service dependency
      Add fulfilledBy(int itemId) to item requirements
      Add ability to search for current clue required items

Ruben Amendoeira (1):
      Loot tracker - Add ability to ignore items (#5483)

Sebastiaan Vanspauwen (1):
      agility plugin: highlight multiple marks

Tomas Slusny (16):
      Make colon (":") enter chat in WASD mode
      Make special attack counter respect ids and npc deaths
      Remove positions from Timers plugin config
      Merge common configs in Timers plugin
      Remove position config from menu entry swapper
      Add swap for "Admire" and "Teleport/Spellbook" for mounted capes (#5994)
      Make HiScore lookup always deprioritized
      Prevent tag tab scrolling to scroll bank interface
      Add missing dot to "She's small" cryptic
      Add POH incense burner timers
      Swap also "quick pass" in Cerb lair
      Add startGoalXp and endGoalXp to XpTrackerService
      Use startGoalXp and endGoalXp for goals in XP globes
      Keep WidgetOverlay always on UNDER_WIDGETS layer
      Calculate total count/value from loot records instead of boxes
      Prevent NPE in recent clan chats when var is null

Tyler Nichols (1):
      mta plugin: remove pointless int cast

WooxSolo (1):
      Rename getUnknownSoundValues2