A loot tracker plugin has been added which will be able to track your loot from:

  • Monsters
  • Bosses (like Vorkath and Zulrah)
  • Clue scrolls
  • Chambers of Xeric
  • Theatre of Blood
  • Barrows Brothers
  • Players you PK (!)

For now, all these data will be tracked only per-session and not persisted and there is only per-kill view, but we are planning to extend both these areas in future. This plugin is disabled by default, so make sure to enable it in settings under Loot tracker.

This feature is result of hard work of @WooxSolo, @Adam-, @TheStonedTurtle and @Psikoi, so thank you all for your great work on it:

loottracker1 loottracker2 loottracker3 loottracker4

Support for minnows timers has been added to the Fishing plugin which displays a countdown until the minnow spot will move. Thanks to @jkybtw who contributed this feature.


The flicking helper in Prayer plugin has been extended to also display in prayer bar, if it is enabled, thanks to @forsco:


There are also several smaller improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • Ungael (Vorkath) obstacles has been added to agility plugin
  • Meyerditch obstacles has been added to agility plugin
  • Fairy ring clues will now warn about missing spade from inventory
  • Lumbridge swamp emote clue now shows correct location
  • Loading of window sidebar has been fixed, now it should not mysteriously disappear anymore
  • Dig location for Barbarian Villag Hot&Cold clue is now correct
  • Idle notifier now notify on crafting leather idle
  • Requirement for slaying an Abyssal Demon corrected in Achievement Diary plugin
  • Fix tile overlay height when highlighting a tile next to the edge of a bridge
  • Add config for whether the killcount command is enabled
  • Fix minimap overlay dot overlay being slightly off
  • Crafting leather has been added to the idle notifier


~ Tomas

New commits

We had 18 contributors this release!

Adam (12):
      perspective: fix worldToCanvas to convert from local to scene coords correctly
      Revert "perspective: fix worldToCanvas to convert from local to scene coords correctly"
      perspective: use less magic constants in getTileHeight
      Revert "perspective: fix regression caused by 2599db2"
      perspective: split tile height logic out of local to world
      perspective: fix getCanvasTileAreaPoly when getting tile next to a bridge
      perspective: fix checkstyle
      runelite-mixins: correct worldToCanvas arguments
      perspective: change worldToMinimap location calculation back
      fishing plugin: add minnows overlay
      fishing plugin: add position to config
      Add LootManager

Devin (1):
      kourend library plugin: Use correct enum naming convention

Jacob McElroy (1):
      Fix dig location of the West Barbarian Village H/C clue (#4524)

Jaimy Smets (1):
      Add alternative dragon pickaxes to emote clue

Jordan Atwood (23):
      item charge plugin: Use constant for checked string
      timers plugin: Use constants for checked strings
      Add color utility class
      notifier: Use ColorUtil functions
      chat message manager: Use ColorUtil functions
      widget menu option: Use ColorUtil functions
      achievement diary plugin: Use ColorUtil functions
      boosts plugin: Use ColorUtil functions
      friend notes plugin: Use ColorUtil functions
      ground items plugin: Use ColorUtil functions
      inventory tags plugin: Use ColorUtil functions
      item prices plugin: Use ColorUtil functions
      item stats plugin: Use ColorUtil functions
      menu entry swapper plugin: Use ColorUtil functions
      player indicators plugin: Use ColorUtil functions
      puzzle solver plugin: Use ColorUtil functions
      rune pouch plugin: Use ColorUtil functions
      slayer plugin: Use ColorUtil functions
      achievement diary plugin: Fix Abyssal demon req
      achievement diary plugin: Fix Belladonna farming req
      achievement diary plugin: Fix waka canoe requirement
      clues: Fix Lumbridge swamp cave emote clue location
      agility: Add Ungael obstacles

Juul Damen (1):
      Add missing killcount command config (#4489)

Kristian Welsh (1):
      overlay util: adjust renderMinimapLocation for newer worldToMinimap

Magic fTail (3):
      TimerPlugin: Fix prayer enhance length
      Clarify wording of default log tracker message (#4602)
      Fix Theatre Of Blood InventoryID (#4608)

Max Weber (5):
      mixins: Prevent runScript from being called recursively
      runelite-client: Rename ClientThread::invokeLater to invoke
      runelite-client: Always call done after changed in ChatboxInptutManager
      fairyring: Always run scripts outside of chatbox input callbacks
      runelite-client: Make hotkeys run on KeyPressed

Michael Goodwin (3):
      Add Chambers Of Xeric and TOB inventories
      Add TOB varbits
      Add TOB widget ids

Mitch Barnett (1):
      Add Meyerditch to agility obstacles (#4538)

Su-Shing Chen (1):
      Fix Assembler tests when autocrlf=true on Windows

Tomas Slusny (12):
      Fix loading of chat colors on startup
      Use consistent API and order for title and sides
      Add isTab property to title buttons
      Merge PluginToolbar and TitleToolbar together
      Add simple info log with startup time
      Properly use javax.inject.Provider
      Pack and show frame only after properties update
      Fix NPE when trying to draw null names
      Add null check for Perspective.getCanvasTextLoc
      Account for plane in TileObject canvas location
      Fix FontManagerTest package
      Fix getCanvasTileAreaPoly ArrayOutOfBounds

WooxSolo (1):
      Add NPC death animations

aquivers (1):
      Add spade requirement reminder to fairy ring clues (#4585)

forsco (1):
      Add flick helper to player bar (#3882)

psikoi (1):
      Add loot tracker plugin

rswindows10 (2):
      Add support for crafting leather idle notification (#4600)
      Remove comment regarding crafting leather (#4601)