The minimap and xp tracker can now be moved by holding alt:


An achievement diary plugin was added which shows skill requirements on each task in the diaries:


There are also several smaller improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • Fix minimap overlays drawing on the minimap when it was hidden
  • Fix minimap plugin to be able to hide the minimap on 'bottom line' side stones arrangement
  • Fix !kc not working in private messages
  • Rewrite ge plugin alt+click search to work more reliably on more interfaces, such as the inventory when in the grand exchange.
  • Add abyssal sire stun timer
  • Fix opponent info plugin hiscore lookup on seasonal deadman worlds
  • Fix menaphite emote clue requirements
  • Fix XP tracker to no longer track skills while they are not being trained
  • Fix XP tracker to track past virtual level 126, up to 200m
  • Add "show exact value" option to bank value plugin
  • Move banana plantation clue out of tree
  • Fix height of ground items


- Adam

New commits

Adam (8):
      runelite-api: add fixed minimap widgets
      mixins: only update render parent of nested widget if widget would have been rendererd
      mixins: optimize widget isHidden and getParent
      perspective: account for minimap being hidden or moved in worldToMiniMap
      Add private message input event and add !kc to chatcommands for private messages
      Merge runelite-scripts into runelite-client
      Add achievement diary plugin
      cache: fix assembler to set correct switch table index

Bert De Geyter (1):
      Render abyss rift portals as soon as visible (#3841)

Jeremy Plsek (1):
      ge plugin: rewrite alt-click searching

John Pettenger (1):
      timers plugin: add abyssal sire stun timer

Jordan Atwood (2):
      opponent info plugin: Fix SDMM hiscore lookup
      clues: Fix menaphite emote requirements

Joshua Filby (1):
      fix: use the supplied actor to check against in isInteractingWith

Kamiel (1):
      perspective: fix regression caused by 2599db2

Levi (2):
      Check for skill being trained while ticking change (#4469)
      Fix level 126 next goal to be max XP (200,000,000) instead of -1 xp

Magic fTail (1):
      bank value plugin: add option to display exact value

Max Weber (5):
      runelite-client: Consume hotkeys in HotkeyListener
      runelite-client: Handle releasing modifiers first correctly
      cluescrolls: Move banana plantation clue out of tree
      cluescrolls: Add description to map clues
      mixins: Don't post mouse events that have already been posted

Timo van Veenendaal (2):
      Inventory viewer: make padding between items same as in inventory.
      Inventory viewer: Fix vertical spacing of items to match inventory.

Tomas Slusny (20):
      Add support for mod public chat to ChatCommands
      Add JMod clan member rank
      Add new WidgetIDs for minimap
      Use correct widget when hiding minimap
      Move private methods to bottom of minimap plugin
      Hide only inside of minimap but not logout
      Follow GitHub templates for bug report and issue (#4205)
      Move rs-client related classes to own package
      Allow RS loading classes to be used with Guice
      Inject and load RS client and applet through Guice
      Send launch properties around as bound constants
      Remove recursive dependency on RuneLite
      Properly load configuration when showing ClientUI
      Move Discord and EventBus after ClientUI
      Add support for resetting the detached overlays
      Use Overlay#getBounds for getting correct bounds
      Add experience tracker widget WidgetInfo
      Add support for RS movable widgets
      Update frame config when needed
      Propagate height to ground items

aquivers (1):
      Add more chat !kc abbreviations (#4372)