You can now filter through the Fairy Ring travel log while having the configure interface open. (Contributed by @Abextm)


The XP tracker now can be paused either on logout or after a configurable time period. (Contributed by @LeviSchuck)


There are also several smaller improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • Reading the Ring of Wealth boss log now updates the !kc command kill counts
  • Theatre of Blood rewards are now automatically screenshotted
  • Hunter level-ups are now properly screenshotted
  • Screenshots taken in Deadman mode now reside in separate directory
  • The King percival clue now also contains informations about nearest fairy ring
  • Added Mounted Mythical Cape to the skill calculator
  • Fix slayer plugin sometimes highlighting nonexistent NPCs
  • Fix bug with ground items not always showing ground items
  • Cacti in farming plugin now work correctly
  • Untradeable versions of Sanguinesti Staff and Scythe now calculate GE value correctly
  • Fix alignment of xpdrops when sprites are configured to be hidden
  • Fix hiscore autocomplete when typing too quickly


- Adam

New commits

Adam (28):
      Revert "command manager: post events to immediate eventbus"
      Revert "plugin manager: register plugins with immediate event bus"
      Revert "runelite-client: add immediate event bus"
      Add chatbox input listener and use for chatbox input event
      slayer plugin: fix parsing points and streaks with commas
      chat commands: add test
      chat commands: loosen regex for boss names
      runelite-scripts: add bank search script
      Add matches found to bank tag search dialog message
      chat commands: count barrows chests too
      screenshot plugin: move level up and quest screenshots to after widget load
      screenshot plugin: rename "raids" to "chambers of xeric"
      screenshot plugin: fix hunter level up screenshots
      config invocation handler: don't set config values if already set
      hiscore plugin: fix race with inserting next character with autocomplete
      slayer plugin: clear highlighted targets on login
      ground items: scan entire scene for items not just ones within range
      Add item spawn events
      grounditems: rewrite to use item spawn events
      region tile manager: send item spawns at plugin start
      agility plugin: use item events
      mta plugin: use item events
      Remove item layer changed event
      Remove MAZE_GUARDIAN_MOVING npc id
      prayer plugin: update zamorak robe itemids
      xp drop plugin: fix alignment of xpdrops when hiding skill icons
      xp drop plugin: add positions for config
      Add item despawn events when ground items is nulled

Aquivers (1):
      Add fairy ring information to King Percival clue #4344

JHPinto (1):
      Slayer overlay use query idEquals, use consts (#4322)

Jordan (1):
      timers plugin: Use item and sprite IDs for timers

Jordan Atwood (5):
      screenshot plugin: Use separate directory for DMM
      text: Fix removeTags for isolated < and > chars
      timers plugin: Reduce visibilities
      Remove freeze timer on Vorkath Zombified spawn death
      clue scroll plugin: Remove useless null check

Levi Schuck (2):
      Add dimming UI to progress bar
      Add feature to pause skill timers on logout or after idle period

Magic fTail (5):
      Update dialog widget ids from game update
      chat commands: add raids pattern
      ScreenshotPlugin: fix naming of event
      chat commands: update boss kc from boss log
      screenshot plugin: capture ToB rewards

Max Weber (8):
      farmingtracker: Fix cactus implementation
      cache: Relax label name constraints
      Rename Region to Scene
      runelite-api: Update autogenerated ID files to 171-7
      runelite-client: Allow ChatboxInputManager to callback early
      Add API to create new widgets
      runelite-client: Add fairy ring search to fairy ring plugin
      devtools: Show index on dynamic widgets in the tree

Qatell (1):
      Fixed objects of variable width and length from being positioned incorrectly on the map.

Tomas Slusny (5):
      Remove investigate menu entry swap
      Add Sanguinesti Staff to ItemMapping
      Add mapping for Scythe to ItemMappings
      Remove unused import from RSTileMixin
      Fix camels type in varrock museum quiz

Tyler Hardy (1):
      runelite-api: Add/Correct fairy ring panel widgets

forsco (1):
      Add mythical cape and teak kitchen table to skill calc (#4341)