A Mage Training Arena was added from @Jasper Ketelaar which can solve telekinetic mazes, and deduce alchemy room rotations from discovery of items in it.


The prayer plugin now indicates when you can drink a prayer potion to get the full effect by flashing the prayer orb. It also has a new tooltip which shows your current prayer bonus and approximation on how much longer your prayer points will last.


The boosts plugin now takes into account the preserve prayer when showing when the next stat drain takes place.

The grand exchange plugin can now show the "actively traded" OSBuddy price on the grand exchange interface now, if enabled.


There are also several smaller improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • Fix infobox overlay resetting its position after each client restart.
  • Add dodgy necklace charge counter and notification to item charges plugin
  • Fix attack styles plugin not correctly hiding staff of the dead defence style
  • Made tagging NPCs no longer interrupt actions
  • Hide Kourend Library navigation button when not in the library
  • Fix Shilo Village stepping stones agilty marker
  • Add option to highlight tiles under ground items
  • Re-add ability to show hidden items on right click menu, with a toggle this time
  • Added a link to the wiki to the info panel
  • More clue fixes
  • Fix icons of onyx items in skill calculator


- Adam

New commits

4th8 (1):
      skill calculator: fix item id for some zenyte and onyx items

Adam (20):
      Revert " Fix NMZ points overlay appearing in the KBD instance lair"
      ground items: default highlight over value to 0
      ground items: rename highlight > value key to reset the defaults
      ground items: don't recolor menu if hidden
      ground items: remove unnecessary copy of collected ground items
      examine plugin: update object examine id unpacking
      runelite-client: close properties input stream
      world map plugin: add missing break after agility shortcuts/tooltips case
      overlay util: mark explicit fallthrough in transformPosition
      demonic gorillas plugin: remove unused variable
      config invocation handler: replace args with literal null
      screenshot plugin: fix unsafe multithreaded usage of DateFormat
      runelite-client: remove various redundant null checks
      timers plugin: fix sotd timer removal logic
      prayer plugin: add dose indicator
      runelite-client: use new bulk item price api
      http-service: crawl tradable item prices instead of queueing on demand
      item charges plugin: add dodgy necklace
      attack styles: add defensive casting to weapon types for staffs
      http-service: switch json serializer to jackson

AeonLucid (1):
      ge plugin: add OSB actively traded price

Alexsuperfly (1):
      Preserve prayer tracking in boost timer (#3530)

Harry (1):
      Improve and cleanup code in runelite-client (#3859)

Jasper Ketelaar (1):
      runelite-client: add mage training arena plugin

Jonathan Beaudoin (1):
      Add tooltip to absorption panel

Jordan Atwood (8):
      Add Staff of the Dead timer
      Prevent NPC tagging from interrupting actions
      Fix ancient cavern emote clue location
      Fix south-of-mausoleum hot-cold clue location
      Fix Slayer Tower emote clue
      Fix Al Kharid mine hot-cold clue location
      Fix South of Jiggig hot-cold clue location
      Fix stepping stone object IDs east of Shilo Village

Lars (1):
      CONTRIBUTING.md - Provide link to coding conventions

Matthew Smith (1):
      Toggle confirmation on exit (#3834)

Max Weber (6):
      runelite-client: Test Overlay equality
      runelite-client: Prevent recursion when chat notifier notifies to chat
      cache: consolidate ID class printing and split ObjectID
      Update autogenerated ID files
      runelite-client: remove unused import in DemonicGorillaOverlay
      kourendlibrary: Hide navbutton when not in the library

Seth (2):
      agilityShortcutLocation: Fix shilo village agility marker
      configPanel: remove tooltips for JTextArea

Tememexas (1):
      Add option to highlight tiles under ground items (#3895)

Tomas Slusny (16):
      Disable camera zoom by default
      Use Object.equals for Overlays
      Fix overlay collection modification checks
      Consider anything with GE > 0 as tradeable too
      Ignore highlights when value is set to 0 (disable)
      Make hidden items color configurable
      Reduce code duplicity in resetOverlay method
      Fix loading of core overlay properties
      Mark InfoboxOverlay as singleton
      Fix UnsupportedOperationException in ground items
      Change ground items box size from 6 px to 8 px
      Reload overlay settings on plugin change
      Disable OSB prices by default
      Fix ground item swapped price values
      Optional support for recoloring right-click menu
      Fix ground marker plugin layer

psikoi (2):
      Added boolean onSelectedEvent to Material Tabs
      Refactor Hiscore EndPoints to Material Tab

raqes (1):
      Add wiki link to info panel