First off, I would like to thank everyone in the community showing so much support for RuneLite. What Jagex did was clearly a great injustice.

It is unfortunate the only way I seem to be able to have any meaningful discussion with Jagex is via loud blog posts.

I have read the Third Party Client Update and it contains some new details to me. Specifically, the "sharing of tools used to deobfuscate Old School RuneScape code, and then re-publishing said code.".

So, I have stripped the aforementioned tools and RuneScape client from GitHub. I will be removing the other distributions off of the server shortly.

Unfortunately this means now RuneLite will be only partially-open source. RuneLite is BSD-2 licensed and the license permits me to do this. This will hinder new contributions some in that they cannot learn of and create new APIs for client access, but we already have a well established API which can be used in the majority of cases.

I don't really agree with some of the reasoning behind this, bots have existed before RuneLite existed, and I'm sure some of them have a better knowledge of the game than I do, but if it must be taken down, then okay.

Regarding "The conversation with RuneLite is part of the long-term strategy and approach for all 3rd party clients and the future of our own official client.", as started in the initial post, I have no problem shutting down RuneLite if all third party clients are to be shut down. But I will not shut it down with the other clients still running.

Jagex, if you have objections to any other aspect of RuneLite, I would prefer if you contacted me and told me about it, instead of threatening me to take down the entire project. I have no problem working with you to address any concerns.

There is a large portion of RuneLite code that Jagex definitely has no claim over, and it belongs to me, and to the many contributors to the project, and I think it is wrong for you to claim it must all be removed.

- Adam