I have just finished speaking to MMK. I have agreed on a 1-2 day halt on development pending further discussion, and I have closed sourced the deobfuscator and the deobfuscated RuneScape client. RuneLite is allowed to operate during this time.

The new OSBuddy API that has been announced is also a nice step forward. The two clients become not too dissimilar at that point, both with a closed API implementation.

What this means for developers is you must rely on our exposed API and are no longer able to extend or modify it. This limits development some certainly but it is what we must do.

The closed sourced components are both build-time and update-time tools, and are not artifacts shipped to the end user. So, the level of difficulty required for someone to independently prove that a given build of RuneLite is safe (eg. not going to hack you) is approximately the same as before, and still certainly very possible.

Hopefully it gets better from here...

- Adam