I have just finished having a discussion with Mod Mat K, who is threatening legal action against RuneLite for copyright infringement if it is not shut down by the end of the week.

I inquired specifically what parts of RuneLite violate Jagex's copyright so that I could take it down, and even offered to close source the project, but MMK insisted that the entire project must be shut down, and gave no specifics about the copyright infringement claims, and only said legal action would be taken.

I was also informed that they were "working on" shutting down both OSB and Konduit, and that I was the "first" to be contacted.

RuneLite is certainly in a grey area to my knowledge of copyright law. I have no issue working with Jagex to remove parts of it from the public eye if requested. I would also have no issue shutting down the entire client if all 3rd party clients were banned. However, I do have an issue with shutting down the entire client while OSBuddy is allowed to operate.

While I agree that RuneLite does threaten the integrity of the game, what threatens it even more is that I have to buy OSBuddy in order to gain the same competitive advantages of other players in game. RuneLite exists to try and level the playing field as to who can develop on the client, of which I think it has done well.

Jagex, please work with me here instead of singling us out. We love the game, and have great respect for you, but this is not an acceptable way of dealing with the third party clients.

If anyone within the community happens to be a (copyright) lawyer, please contact me.

- Adam