This release adds a farming tracker plugin, which keeps track of what time your crops were planted and will notify you after a time when it would be fully grown. Thanks to @abextm and @NotFoxtrot for their work on this over the last few weeks.


@WooxSolo contributed a demonic gorilla plugin, which counts the attacks against you so you can tell when it will switch attack styles. After it switches, the new style is displayed.


A Cerberus plugin has been added, from @deathbeam which shows the ghost order.


Also, a special thanks to Brandon Kase, FatalWaffles, Jordan Atwood, Maiddog, NotFoxtrot, and Rprrr for continuing to correct and update the clues.

There are also several smaller improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • The cannonball count plugin tracks the count correctly again
  • The side toolbar can now be hidden via a button in the menu bar, or ctrl+f11
  • There is now a toggle for highlighting agility shortcuts
  • A vengeance other timer has been added
  • The XP orbs stay on screen while hovered
  • Third age tools added to idle notifier
  • XP tracker "actions left" no longer rounds down, and doesn't get confused by hopping accounts anymore
  • Screenshots can now be taken with the "insert" key
  • Add ability to disable low HP and prayer notifications
  • Add skill progress bar to hiscore panel
  • Add stat change indicator to boosts plugin when indicators are selected


- Adam

New commits

We had 25 contributors this release!

Adam (22):
      update check: set read timeout on socket, move off of request thread
      item controller: remove all synchronous fetching
      item service: move overflow of pending lookups log message to debug
      ws service: optimize session storage
      Revert "Fix cannon cannonball count"
      runelite: fix check for client before requesting itemmanager
      runelite: add --disable-update-check
      account service: fix not setting autoincrement on user id
      runescape-client: export changedSkills and changedSkillsCount
      runelite-api: add VisibleForDevtools annotation for methods only visible for use in devtools
      devtools: add addxp
      runelite-api: add headicon enum
      demonic gorilla plugin: use headicon api
      http-service: fix sql2o statement leak
      Add maven-compiler-plugin to plugin management
      devtools: post xp changed event too
      runescape-client: export world map related symbols
      Use only southermost ghost wave for cerb plugin
      scripts: update comand script from live
      scripts: update options panel rebuilder from live
      scripts: apply zoom limits to options panel rebuilder
      scripts: apply command callback to command script

Brandon Kase (2):
      Adjust stomp dragon-axe clue location
      Add missing comma to hard cryptic

Dennis (1):
      fix prayer reorder shutdown

FatalWaffles (1):
      Fix Beckon in Digsite location

Grant (1):
      Add Agility shortcut highlight toggle

Hydrox6 (2):
      Add Vengeance Other indicator
      Reorder Timer configuration options

Jeroen (1):
      XpGlobe now stays on screen while hovered over it.

Jordan (1):
      Add Zeah Altar elite map clue (#2283)

Jordan Atwood (5):
      Add missing Pyramid emote clue item
      Fix Shayzien command tent emote clue
      Fix hard cryptic clue
      Allow "degree" and "minute" in coordinate clues
      Use British floor numbering in clue scroll hints

Kamiel (6):
      Expose Actor animation and actionFrame to API
      Add anim command to developer tools
      Expose Actor graphic and spotAnimFrame to API
      Add gfx command to developer tools
      Add logger command to change the logger level
      Add 3rd Age Axe and 3rd Age Pickaxe animations to Idle Notifier

Levi (2):
      Refactor overlay renderer screenshot code into a draw manager
      xp tracker: rewrite tracking datastructures

Lotto (1):
      cluescrolls: support any type of ring of dueling in emote clues

Maiddog (3):
      clues: fix spotted cape not being detected
      clues: change npc name check to nameEquals
      Fix various clue objects and locations.

Mantautas Jurksa (1):
      Fix master fire cape emote clue

Marcus Heine (1):
      Enable screenshotting with INSERT

Max Weber (17):
      Initialize ItemManager to a complete state
      Allow ClientThread to re-run invokeLater-ed methods
      Allow ItemManager to be ran off the client thread
      Use ItemManager in KourendLibraryPlugin
      Use ItemManager in GrandExchangePlugin
      cache: Name ObjectDefiniton's varpID and configID correctly
      Add various animation IDs
      Add UsernameChanged event
      Add WorldPoint::getRegionID
      Allow PluginPanels to opt-out of the scrollbar
      Add FarmingTracker plugin
      configmanager: Allow multiple delimiters
      Add missing U+00A0 NO-BREAK SPACE character
      Rename Setting to VarPlayer
      Merge Varcs into Client::getVar
      Rename SettingsTracker
      farmingtracker: Prevent saving when teleporting

Morgan Lewis (1):
      Add support for mapping parameter names

NotFoxtrot (2):
      Fix cryptic elite clue: Father Aereck
      Fix master clue emote: Entrana church

Reasel (1):
      Add ability to disable HP and Prayer notifications (#2007)

Rprrr (2):
      screenshot plugin: fix exception when taking screenshots on login
      Fixes #2146 (Brother Tranquility 'talk-to' & ''transport' option swap w/Menu Swapper plugin)

Samuel Beresford (1):
      Adds skill progress bar to hiscore panel Matches existing progress bar (look&feel) as xp tracker

Seth (6):
      boosts overlay: move next change text to display at the top
      boosts plugin: Add stat change indicator when indicators are selected
      opponent info: reduce padding size
      clue scroll: add toggle for hint arrows
      clue scroll: fix easy clue
      farming panel: reset progress bar background

SoyChai (5):
      Correct misspellings of "transparent"
      Add underscores to minigame names in WidgetInfo
      agilityplugin: Rename plugin package to agility
      reportbutton: Double frequency of time updates to avoid skipping seconds
      discord: Display skill icons in Discord while training

Tomas Slusny (10):
      Agility plugin small code cleanup
      Do not draw text on top of Mark Of Grace
      Add support for hiding the sidebar
      Fix clue requiring platebody, but wanting legs
      Remove unused imports in ClientUI (#2061)
      Reset clues based on item ID
      Reset clue on unknown clues
      Add Cerberus plugin
      Verify game's minimum size
      Add mappings for currentLoginField

WooxSolo (12):
      Add rectangle support to config
      Remember screen position after closing and reopening
      Add ability to lock client to screen
      runescape-client: export hitsplatValues and applyActorHitsplat
      runelite-api: add hitsplat applied event
      runelite-api: export collision data
      runelite-api: add line of sight algorithm
      runelite-api: add WorldArea
      devtools: add line of sight and valid moves
      Add demonic gorilla plugin
      cannon plugin: fix cannonball count when loading and firing on the same tick
      cannon plugin: add granite cannonball to unload check

oplosthee (1):
      Add toggle for drawing overhead player names to PlayerIndicators plugin

u6077743 (1):
      Improved low hp notif. by considering nmz absorption, 2210