The new Web XP Tracker can now easily be accessed from within the client, simply click the 'Open xp tracker' button or right click on one of the skill panels. Share your gains with your friends and clanmates!


Thanks to @deathbeam the clue scrolls will now point out the location, npc or object you have to go to for your current step when you are in the area!


The motherlode overlay has been updated to show more information. You can now see the amount of gems received thanks to @ypperlig.


The HiScore lookup within the client now supports virtual levels and shows clue stats for each individual clue tier now.


NPCs can now be tagged with either their hull or their tile, this makes it easy to see where you have to click to interact with the tagged NPC. @raqes

For a list of all changes, see the list below.


~ Kamiel

New commits

We had 33 contributors this release!

Adam (17):
      wsservice: move log messages to debug
      item stats: add raids combat potions
      item stats: fix sara brew
      item stats: fix zammy brew
      geplugin: add alt-click to bank items and bank inventory
      slayer plugin: add several missing slayer tasks
      Use built in player index field
      bank value plugin: make calculator more testable
      Fix bank value overflow
      Add deferred eventbus for posting events on the next tick
      Add item container changed event
      runelite-api: add events for actor spawning and despawning
      screenshot plugin: create screenshot folder on startup
      screenshot plugin: remove unused import
      ge search panel: show "No results found" if search is empty, clear on empty lookup
      worldpoint: add dx/dy/dz methods
      Add Angle and Direction

AdenKenny (1):
      Add challenge answer to Clocktower clue

Bart van Helvert (1):
      More accurately draw tile indicators

Dennis (1):
      fix bank placeholder release option

FatalWaffles (7):
      Fix worldpoint for mausoleum
      Add 2nd emote for mausoleum clue
      Fix barb agil and digsite emote clues
      Fix referee cryptic clue
      Fix & add emote clues.
      Add "Teleport to Abyss" to Menu Entry Swapper
      Fix fight arena pub emote clue

Gamer1120 (1):
      TRISTESSAS_TRAGEDY spelling error

HypoxiaOSRS (1):
      Fix shilo village and white wolf mountain hard clues

haakonrp (1):
      menu swapper: swap reset on dismantled traps and lay on expired traps

Jack (1):
      Fix XP Drop plugin recolouring ALL drops whenever a combat prayer is enabled

Jeremy Plsek (1):
      tooltips: hug edge of screen instead of jumping

Kamiel (6):
      Remove tags from highscore lookup
      Set herbiboar and mlm overlays to draw ABOVE_SCENE
      Move herbiboar minimap overlay to its own class
      Fix cat chasing menu entry swap
      Show grand exchange offer type on cancelled state
      Change menuOpened from FieldHook to Hook

Lars Ørnlo (3):
      Add upgraded sack to varbits (5556)
      Some quality of life changes to the Motherlode Mine Plugin.
      Added option that allows a player to see the number of gems found during the current mining session.

Lotto (7):
      hiscore: lookup local player on double-click
      hiscore: display levels above 99 in the panel
      hiscore panel: fix clue/lms/bh breakage
      hiscore panel: fix total level breakage
      Revert "hiscore panel: fix total level breakage"
      hiscore panel: fix not displaying total level correctly
      cluescrolls: fix confusing solution text for Luthas

Marcus Ramse (2):
      Fix worldToMiniMap for locations outside of range
      Change brother name color when killed

Morgan Lewis (1):
      Add object and location to a Ardougne armour shop clue

Nuno Rodrigues (1):
      Fishing Plugin: Add new Lure fishing spots at Barbarian Village, Fix Karamja Spots

OShadowz (2):
      imp plugin: fix magpie impling name and spelling
      imp plugin: add config option to display impling names on minimap

Ocelot (1):
      clue scroll plugin: fix various clues with incorrect steps

Raqes (1):
      npc tag plugin: add option for highlight type and drawing names

Richard Goodman (1):
      Add more POH minimap overlays

Seth (1):
      ge plugin: Display spent price instead of original offer price

ShaunDreclin (2):
      slayer plugin: add slayer target highlighting
      Fix UnsupportedOperationException error in Slayer plugin

SoyChai (1):
      api: Add 1461 labelled sprites to SpriteId

Tomas Slusny (14):
      Add link to web XP tracker to XP panel
      Apply small font option only to dynamic overlays
      Change magic imbue timer to 12 seconds
      Swap also dismantle/reset on box traps
      Universal warning message support in config
      Make condition for H.A.M. pickpockets lowercase
      Add clue hint arrows for clues
      Set default offset to center of tile for arrows
      Do not reuse HttpUrl.builder for building xp urls
      Remove "cast bloom" swapping and make teleport off
      Move reordering of items after shift-click
      Hide clue scroll interface when no clue present
      Fix layer of MotherlodeOverlay
      Centralize setting of hint arrows for clues

Trees (1):
      Refactor FriendManager + Name

Tunnelsnake52 (1):
      Fix Dance a jig under Shantay's Awning coords

Tyler Bochard (2):
      Reduce player indicators overlay priority to MED
      Prevent artifacts in stretched fixed mode

raqes (1):
      Alphabetize the config entries of the menu entry swapper plugin.

nshusa (1):
      Refactored some variables in NPCComposition

nuno (2):
      Add Corsair Cove net fishing spot
      hunter plugin: fix salamander net display

richardbadman (1):
      Fixes easy clue

rune3132 (4):
      Adds individual clue counts to highscore plugin
      jewellery count plugin: add ring of recoil breaking notification
      clue plugin: order map clues after type and id
      clue plugin: fix/add various clues

winterdaze (1):
      fix prayer enhance duration