Animation smoothing is here to showcase the bleeding edge of oldschool visuals. Players, NPCs, and environmental objects can now be interpolated (or 'tweened') to animate at higher framerates. Thanks to @DevDennis for bringing this eye candy to life.

animsmoothing1 animsmoothing2 animsmoothing3

HiScore lookups can now be accessed from many more right-click menus, including in the chatbox, your friends list, from private messages, in the clan chat sidebar, and on the raiding party menu (for members with at least a kick-rank). @Kamielvf worked on this quality of life change, big thanks to him.


The Dark Mage in the Abyss can now be highlighted whenever your inventory contains a degraded pouch in need of repairs. Props to @jaeger25 for looking after our forgetful runecrafters.


There are also several smaller improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • Added healing values for 30+ missing foods; most importantly, easter eggs!
  • Menu entry swapper: updated the Travel option to include balloons and Fremennik boats, and added a new Chase option for cats who love rat-hunting. Pickpocket swapping is now limited to H.A.M. members only, due to unintended thieving balance issues (eg. with blackjacking).
  • Removed the Pyramid Plunder plugin because we don't need it any more. Good Jagex.
  • Renamed the Attack Indicators plugin to Attack Styles, and added better control over when the indicator appears.
  • Added a toggle for displaying skilling session stats.
  • Updated our overlay text to use the current oldschool font, complete with slashed 0's.
  • Fixed several clue scroll helpers which pointed to wrong spots, suggested the wrong dance emote, or contained typos.
  • Hunter plugin: fix bug related to setting traps and walking in the same tick.
  • Fixed report button not returning to normal when the plugin was disabled.
  • Fixed the bank tag search forgetting to match item placeholders.
  • Fixed the screenshot plugin crashing on certain dialogs, like grabbing a hammer from a Motherlode crate.


~ Soy

New commits

We had 19 contributors this release!

Adam (15):
      deobfuscator: add fernflower dependency
      runescape-client: refactor item composition int2 -> placeholderId
      runescape-client: refactor item composition int3 -> placeholderTemplateId
      runelite-api: add idEquals to inventory item query
      player indicators: add config for recoloring menu and showing clan rank
      indicators plugin: fix not always identifying menus by type
      runescape-client: item comp team -> shiftClickIndex
      runescape-client: item comp int1 -> team
      runescape-client: field3671 -> params
      runelite-client: remove old plugin classloader
      runelite-client: remove old Plugin.file too
      pluginmanager: don't store plugin enabled/disabled state in config
      runescape-client: export hintArrowOffsetX/Y/Z
      Add animation smoothing plugin
      xp tracker plugin: don't throw from startUp if unable to fetch worlds

Dennis (3):
      runelite-api: expose item composition placeholder ids
      runelite-client: fix bank tags search for placeholder items
      runelite-client: only update the actions if the item id matches

FatalWaffles (6):
      Fixed typo for lighthouse clue
      Fix mess hall emote clue
      Fix "JIG" emote clues
      Fix errors with emote clues (#1312)
      Update worldpoint for map clue 2713
      Fix manor, swamp and lumber yard clue wordpoints (#1356)

Griffin Quarles (2):

Jeremy Plsek (1):
      itemprices plugin: fix noted items not showing ge

Kamiel (3):
      Reset report button text to default when plugin is disabled
      Add HiScore lookup to right click menus
      Update the runescape font to match current OSRS font

Levi (1):
      Average actions left between last 10 XP drops (#1323)

Levi Schuck (2):
      Lumbridge npcs have some bad compositions and return null in the dev
      Reset XP on log-in of another character / mode

Lotto (1):
      cluescroll-plugin: remove duplicate anagram answers

Matt Jaeger (1):
      Highlight dark mage NPC in the center of the abyss when inventory
      contains a degraded pouch

Morgan Lewis (1):
      Add small clarification to Account Plugin tooltip

Rune Nielsen (2):
      Fixed misspelling in clue and added missing clue (#1274)
      Added UGTHANKI_KEBAB_1885 to itemstats plugin (#1263)

Septron (2):
      Add player index to api
      Add hint arrows to api

Seth (1):
      skill sessions: Add a toggle for displaying session stats

SoyChai (12):
      Add healing values (+14) for pumpkins and easter eggs
      itemstats: Add anchovies (+1), fruit battas (+11), and missing (sliced)
      fruits (+2) including peaches (+8)
      itemstats: Fix errant healing stats for sweetcorn variants
      itemstats: Add Dorgeshuun foods with wiki-claimed healing values
      itemstats: Add chocolatey milk (+4) and giant carp (+6)
      banktags: Adjust dialog text to match Withdraw-X dialog
      screenshot: Fix ArrayIndexOutOfBounds errors caused by unsafe parsing of
      level-up widget
      screenshot: Add documentation for primary methods
      screenshot: Define more accurate method names and access levels
      attackstyles: Rename Attack Indicators plugin to Attack Styles
      attackstyles: Add a toggle to Always show style
      attackstyles: Simplify config descriptions

TheLonelyDev (1):
      menu swapper: add Fly, Rellekka travel options, and Chase

Tomas Slusny (4):
      Save text configuration value on enter
      Swap pickpocket only on H.A.M. members
      Revert "Reset XP on log-in of another character / mode"
      Remove pyramid plunder plugin

WooxSolo (3):
      Fix Actor.getWorldLocation to use pathX/pathY instead of getX/getY
      Update game tick event to run after packets have been processed
      hunter plugin: fix setting trap and walking at once

psikoi (1):
      Add a null check to avoid a NullPointerException when the query returns