A prayer reordering plugin has been added which lets you reorder the prayers in your prayer book. Big thanks to @devdennis for the excellent work on making this possible;


@McSwindler contributed a NPC highlight plugin which lets you tag npcs, and also configure a list of npcs which are highlighted.


A bank evaluator has been added, which is a combination of effort from myself, @jplsek, and @TheLonelyDev. It will tell you the overall GE and HA price of each tab of your bank.


The ground items plugin now supports quickly hiding and highlighting items. Thanks to @sethtroll.


A herbiboar plugin has been added from @Perterter. It highlights the starting rocks, trail, and the two objects to search at the end of each trail.


An item price plugin has been added, from @ChaoticConundrum, which shows the price of items when hovered over in the bank.


There are also several smaller improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • Ground items now support wildcards in both hidden and highlighted fields, so for example *bone* will hide/highlight all bones
  • The boosted stats plugin now shows time until next change
  • The agility plugin allows configuring of the hitbox overlay color
  • Game menus options are no longer left broken when moving regions with the menu option
  • Attack style plugin now hides attack styles better
  • Fixed Kourend library plugin, which was broken last release
  • Show glory location in POH plugin
  • Common cannon placement spots have been added to the cannon plugin
  • Remaining XP to level has been added to the hiscore panel
  • Removed background from the prayer flick overlay, which made the quick prayers  toggle hard to see
  • Added godwars altar timer
  • Superior slayer notifications have been added to the slayer plugin
  • The slayer plugin infobox (with your current task) now has a configurable timeout
  • The time until levelup has been added to the xp tracker panel


- Adam

New commits

We had 16 contributors this release!

Adam (26):
      runelite-mixins: add null checks in region mixin
      Bump for
      runelite-mixins: add null checks in region mixin
      boosts plugin: show time to next change
      ground items: add support for wildcards
      ge plugin: move item composition and image calls off of awt thread
      runescape-client: export updateNote
      runescape-client: fix sprite originalWidth<->width and export fields for loading sprites
      cache: add provider interfaces for items, models, sprites, and textures
      cache: add updateNote to ItemDefinition
      cache: fix not invalidating vertexNormals in reset
      cache: expand on texture definition and loader
      cache: store original pixels and palette too, and add normalize()
      cache: add resize, recolor, and retexture to modeldefinirtion
      cache: add item sprite renderer
      cache controller: expose item sprites
      examine service: correct type column enum
      item manager: add batch item price lookup
      Hook to actor health being updated to detect death
      gitignore: add eclipse files
      runelite-api: move getConvexHull to Model
      runelite-api: add getConvexHull to Actor
      Add npc menu options to MenuManager
      devtools: remove double npc transform call
      utils: add wildcard matcher from grounditems
      runelite-client: add npc highlight plugin

Cas (1):
      Agility plugin: Agility configuration with Select Color

Charlie Waters (6):
      Add items to item stats plugin: spinach roll, lava eel, sandwich lady items, jangerberries
      Fix bug with rendering more than two tooltips following mouse
      Add TooltipManager method to add tooltip to front of list, and always add mouse highlight tooltip to front
      Add item prices plugin for item price/value tooltips
      Add FocusChanged event from runescape client
      Fix Groud Items plugin Alt+Tab bug by hooking FocusChanged event

Dennis (10):
      restore menu entries after open/close widget
      fix prayer order resetting after teleporting to a new area
      injector: checkcast return values from replaced methods
      runescape-client: export animation related symbols
      runelite-api: expose dragging widget fields
      runelite-api: add event for dragging widget
      runelite-api: add widget open event
      runelite-mixins: add null check for widget group in getGroup()
      runelite-api: add widget config
      runelite-client: add prayer reordering plugin

Dreyri (2):
      Broadcast widget hidden changed recursively for each child too
      Use isLocalHidden in attack indicator plugin

Jeremy Plsek (4):
      http-api: add batch lookup to ItemClient
      stack formatter: support larger stack sizes
      bank item query: only search items in current tab
      Add bank value plugin

Kamiel (1):
      Add progress pie type overlay

Max Weber (5):
      kourendlibrary: Fix NPE while loading
      kourendlibrary: Use correct coordinate conversion
      jarvis: allow null points
      Add JShadowedLabel
      Change colors in XPInfoPanel to be brighter

Seth (9):
      poh plugin: change gameobject map to tile object
      pog plugin: fix mounted glory minimap icon
      cannon plugin: add common cannon spots
      ground items: add support for quickly hiding/highlighting items
      hiscore panel: make hiscores type more visible
      hiscore panel: add Remaining XP to next level to hover text
      hiscore panel: add loading label when searching
      menu entry swapper: add bury swap
      prayer flick overlay: remove background arc

Tomas Slusny (24):
      Extract utlity methods to SwingUtil class
      Remove the need to extend JFrame in ClientUI
      Make plugins work with new ClientUI
      Remove need to extend JToolBar in PluginToolbar
      Make plugins work with the new PluginToolbar
      Remove the need for custom TitleToolbar component
      Make plugins work with new title toolbar
      Add Discord button through DiscordPlugin
      Add support for popups to navigation button
      Change panel supplier to just getter for panel
      Consistent behaviour between ClientUI and InfoPane
      Set correct offsets to overlays, smaller panels
      Reposition instance map correctly in resizeable
      Use backgroundComponent for drawing border of map
      Lower default width of the PanelComponent
      Fix herbiboar plugin NPE on startup
      Fix AgilityPlugin naming conventions
      Fix Herbiboar plugin naming conventions
      Correctly name Herbiboar classes
      Remove unused variables in Herbiboar plugin
      Fix ClientUI settings loading
      Click the navigation button on selecting in
      Fix tooltip modicon OutOfBounds
      Do not display stack in price tooltips

Toocanzs (1):
      Add God Wars Altar Timer

Tyler Hardy (4):
      Add herbiboar varbits
      Add herbiboar plugin
      Move region check to loading
      Fix improper varbit for trail 31372

Xavier Bergeron (1):
      Add slayer superior foe notification

XrioBtw (1):
      Fix net and harpoon swap for all fishing spots

joshpfox (1):
      configurable slayer infobox expiry timer

nvisser (1):
      Add time till next level to xptracker