A grand exchange plugin has been added by @Someonewithaninternetconnection. It shows your current grand exchange offers and their progress:


@NotFoxtrot contributed a pyramid plunder plugin which uses a less obtrusive interface:


Finally, the cannon plugin was extended by @SemtexError to show the NPC double-hit spots:


There are also several smaller improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • TzTok-Jad overlay is now shown for the whole fight duration
  • The puzzle solver now displays the fastest solution
  • Add Dorgesh-Kaan and Brimhaven agility arenas to the agility plugin
  • Show skill details on hover instead of click in the hiscore panel
  • Maniacal monkeys have been added to the hunter plugin
  • Hunter plugin was improved to be more accurate, and catch rate overlay was removed
  • Fullscreen support has been added for OSX
  • Achievement diary plugin has been removed in favour of new OSRS achievement diary interface
  • World map has been fixed, no more increased memory consumption after it is closed
  • Positive and negative boosts are now properly colored when using absolute boosts
  • Cannonball plugin now supports unloading


- Adam

New commits

We had 15 contributors this release!

Adam (16):
      overlay renderer: remove unnecessary lambda which makes it hard to profile
      xtea service: fix get() query to join on id
      Revert "xtea service: fix get() query to join on id"
      xtea service:try to fix query again
      runescape-client: refactor WorldMapManager
      runescape-api: import world map data
      runelite-api: expose world map data
      Garbage collect world map once closed
      menu manager: add method to remove player menu items
      hiscore plugin: remove player option on shutdown
      hiscore plugin: add config for player option
      text component: allow color tags
      boosts overlay: show boosts in color
      attack indicator plugin: process hidden styles on startup/shutdown and config changes
      mixin injector: fall back to method name if no deobfuscated name is found
      Add support for intercepting mouse and keyboard input

Devin (1):
      Change TzTok-Jad overlay to be persistent

Hexagon (1):
      Use the address returned by the worldlist api instead of building our own

Joshua Filby (1):
      runescape-client: set the close operation for running deob client to exit on close

Kamiel (6):
      Fix minor issues
      Add ability to set custom colors
      Fix overlays not being rendered
      Follow java coding conventions
      Use normal font weight for input field
      Fix panel expanding inconsistency (#464)

Lotto (21):
      grounditems: offset text on z axis
      puzzlesolver: add IDA* + manhattan distance solver
      puzzlesolver: don't spit out exceptions when the puzzle is finished
      puzzlesolver: use the new solver and display Solving.. + Solved! msgs
      puzzlesolver: update the test to use the new solver
      puzzlesolver: add an option to draw dots instead of arrows
      puzzlesolver: fix solution being reset when clicking the puzzle quickly
      puzzlesolver: remove bounds check from PuzzleSolver#getStep
      Fix Widget#isHidden returning incorrect state when parent is null
      Add grand exchange support to InventoryWidgetItemQuery
      Add varbit for multicombat area
      opponentinfo: display the name of the target of your target
      examineplugin: only capture menuactions with the option "Examine"
      notifier: add option to disable notification sounds
      Add guide prices support to InventoryWidgetItemQuery
      Add equipment window support to InventoryWidgetItemQuery
      modelmixin: use verticesCount/trianglesCount instead of array lengths
      agilityplugin: add support for Dorgesh-Kaan
      agilityplugin: add support for Brimhaven
      hiscoreplugin: show skill details on hover instead of click
      runelite-client: remove diary progress plugin

Max Weber (30):
      cameraPitch > cameraPitchCopy
      field885 > cameraPitch
      method2995 > buildVisibilityMaps
      zoom plugin: Add option to relax the camera's upper pitch limit.
      cache: Add get_is_mobile opcode.
      cameraPitch > cameraPitchTarget
      cameraPitchCopy > cameraPitch
      method565 > drawMapIcons
      method564 > drawMapRegion
      field3927 > worldMapX
      field3944 > worldMapY
      field3947 > worldMapZoom
      field3948 > worldMapZoomTarget
      method385 > drawFlashingMapIcons
      method406 > drawMapLinks
      method402 > drawNonLinkMapIcons
      class39 > MapIcon
      method4375 > bitpack
      class47 > MapIconReference
      field3406 > id
      field488 > areaId
      field556 > areaId
      field3788 > scriptMapIconReference
      class33 > MapLabel
      field433 > fontSize
      field3935 > mapFonts
      field515 > mapFonts
      field450 > mapFonts
      method648 > popcnt
      field431 > text

NotFoxtrot (2):
      Add Pharaoh's sceptre to the jewellery count
      Add new overlay for Pyramid Plunder

Seth (5):
      boss timers: replace resource image with itemID images
      boss timers: add tooltips
      boss timers: add chaos elemental
      image component: fix images being off-centered
      poh plugin: Remove unnecessary toggles

SomeoneWithAnInternetConnection (4):
      Expose isStackable on ItemComposition objects
      Rename progress to state in GrandExchangeOffer
      runelite-api: Add Grand Exchange offer support
      Create Grand Exchange plugin

Tomas Slusny (9):
      Prevent throwing duplacite events for GameObject
      Add support for maniacal monkeys to hunter plugin
      Add default timeout to notify-send on Linux
      Rename "Low memory" to "Low detail" plugin
      Fix crash in ClienUI configChanged event
      Fix NPE in minimap plugin
      Remove animation checks
      Remove catch rate overlay
      Remove inSequence import b/c problems with mapping

XrioBtw (1):
      Add missing cancel menu action

arlyon (2):
      runelite-client: split ostype into its own utility
      runelite-client: enable fullscreen on osx

l2- (1):
      Xp orb fixes (#689)

semtexerror (4):
      cannon plugin: support unloading cannon
      cannon plugin: cleanup
      cannon plugin: add overlay for cannonballs left
      cannon plugin: draw npc double hit spots