An awesome puzzle box plugin has been finally added to RuneLite thanks to work of @UniquePassive. Clues are now even easier to do!



For everyone who likes to AFK, thanks to @Fire-Proof a Nightmare Zone plugin was added. It shows your current Nightmare Zone points in nice RuneLite custom overlay, notifies you when you are low on absorption, and when your overload runs out.


Barrows helper has been added in a new Barrows plugin by @Sethtroll. No more black minimap when in tunnels or finding the correct doors!



Additionally, abyss rift click boxes are now highlighted thanks to @Sethtroll (again).


And new Rogue's den plugin has been added to RuneLite as well, that shows click boxes of the Rogue's den obstacles. Thanks to @ShaunDreclin!


There are also several smaller improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • The zoom plugin is now working again thanks to @Abextm
  • New option has been added to RuneLite settings that will make your window stay always on top
  • Client is now logging the logs to ~/.runelite/logs, so in case you want to report problem, you can also send the logs that would help us with resolving the problem.
  • POH icon's displaying when on the wrong floor was fixed
  • Slayer task now do not decrements anymore when your slayer level is decremented (for example in God wars or from KBD special attack)
  • Title bar buttons are now shown in the info panel when you have custom title bar disabled

Enjoy the new release!

~ Tomas

New commits

We had 11 contributors this release!

Abex (1):
      Allow titlebar buttons to be moved out of the titlebar

Adam (9):
      mousehighlight: don't show tooltip on sliding puzzles
      timers plugin: respect enabled configuration
      perspective: add method for checking if world location is in scene
      fishing plugin: move minimap overlay to own overlay
      runelite-client: shut down discord service when closed
      http-service: try to release okhttp resources on shutdown
      rs2asm: allow multiple newlines after header or instruction
      item manager: allow getting images with quantity
      item manager: also allow specifying stackable

Max Weber (6):
      method984 > runScript
      Revert "scripts: disable callbacks"
      injector: copy exceptions on Injected classes
      Add raw injector to hook the script interpreter
      Zoom plugin: Relax inner zoom constraint
      injector: Allow injection of <init> and <clinit>

Nickolaj Jepsen (1):
      Add NMZ plugin

NotFoxtrot (1):
      Add always on top setting

Seth (8):
      runecraft plugin: show click boxes of abyss rifts
      cache: Update ObjectManager to include NULL names
      runelite-api: redump objectid with null names
      runelite-api: add getActions, imposterIds, and imposter to ObjectComposition
      perspective: add getCanvasTextMiniMapLocation
      Add barrows plugin
      slayer plugin: add check for cachedXp when xp changes
      poh plugin: fix icons displaying when changing planes

ShaunDreclin (1):
      Add Rogues' Den plugin

SomeoneWithAnInternetConnection (1):
      Fix mismapping of MouseWheel

Tomas Slusny (2):
      Fix logging inside info panel plugin
      Add logback logger that will log to file

Tyler Hardy (3):
      Remove unused Zulrah plugin assets
      Update ItemID from 160 cache
      runepouch plugin: use itemmanager to render runepouch item icons

UniquePassive (4):
      Add puzzle box InventoryID
      Add puzzle box WidgetInfo
      Add puzzle solving algorithm
      Add puzzle solver plugin