The 1.6.12 release that went out last week was forced due to the game update, but we did not have a blog post ready. This post covers both releases.

The Leagues hiscore lookup has been replaced now with the newly opened Deadman tournament, and the various lookup commands in game now recognize the Deadman tournament worlds and will look up the correct hiscores for them.


Divine Bastion and Battlemage potions have had timers added, and have been added to the items stats and item identification plugins.


If you use Windows or Linux and the GPU plugin does not work correctly for you, there is a new option in the GPU plugin you can disable called Compute Shaders which may help. This drops the minimum required OpenGL version to 4.0, and uses less GPU memory and compute, at the cost of being unable to extend the draw distance. Despite this limitation it still gives a noticible performance improvement and may be beneifical to users on older systems. Note that the option must be toggled off prior to the plugin starting to take effect.

Users using Mac OSX will be happy to know that progress has been made on an OSX GPU rasterizer that works as described above, due to the limited support of OpenGL on OSX, and that I expect to have it added to a release in the coming weeks.

The XP updater plugin can now send xp update requests to Wise Old Man, a new xp tracker created by @psikoi - who you may remember from the obsidian theme, and has been a contributor to this project for years. It is open source, which of course I value greatly, and recommend you check it out. Since CML has began running RWT ads, which I dislike directing traffic to, I have been looking at alternatives; another tracker we added a few months ago is TempleOSRS which has been gaining populartity, although not open source. Remember, sending xp update requests to any external services necessarily sends your IP address and your display name to that service.

A new bank tags section was added to the accounts page which shows your bank tags and the codes used to share them with other players.

There are also several smaller improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • The time tracking plugin timers now have an option to automatically loop
  • The idle notifier now works when enchanting bolts
  • Laps per hour has been added to the agility session overlay
  • Item stats now show on the in-bank equipment interface
  • Fix the chat notifier Highlight own name setting to correctly work with players who have spaces in their names
  • The world hopper quickhop feature now has an option to only hop to worlds in a specific region
  • The bank plugin now has an option to allow entering your bank pin with the keyboard


- Adam

New commits

We had 23 contributors this release!

15987632 (1):
      cache: add spotanim dump test

Aaron King (1):
      item stats: add the in-bank equipment interface

Adam (21):
      Revert "Mock ConfigManager in ItemStatOverlayTest to inject TooltipManager"
      Revert "Reset repositioned tooltip overlays"
      api: add key script event fields
      api: add widget getOnOpListener
      bank plugin: add option to input bankpin with keyboard
      gpu: fix one-off in model buffer selection
      gpu: add a couple missing Override annotations
      gpu plugin: remove unnecessary buffer check
      hsl_to_rgb: remove unnecessary check for rgb 0
      gpu: small refactor of compute shaders
      api: add drawFace callback
      gpu: add option to disable compute shaders
      api: add useful utility methods to itemcontainer
      client: update itemcontainer api usage
      runelite: log startup failures as errors
      combat level plugin: use script events for attack level range hook
      timers: add divine bastion and battlemage potions
      itemstats: add divine bastion and battlemage potions
      item identification: add divine bastion and battlemage potions
      chat notifier: fix highlight own name matching player names with spaces
      Add dmmt world type and tournament hiscore endpoint

Daniel (2):
      chatboxtextinput: conditionally close input from ondone callback
      questlist, music, fairyring: don't close filter when pressing enter

Dennis (1):
      ge plugin: fix fuzzy search highlighting

Flightkick (1):
      Properly address Grand Exchange price as 'GE' instead of 'EX' (#11317)

Hydrox6 (5):
      fishing & idle notifer: add pearl rod animations
      fishing & idle notifer: add oily pearl rod animations
      antidrag: fix onShiftOnly not being respected when opening the bank
      idle notifier: add support for enchanting bolts
      api: correct pearl fly fishing and barbarian rod animations

Håkon Rosseland Paulsen (1):
      menu entry swapper: fix shift click for deposit box

Lotto (1):
      player-indicators: fix right-click menu targets expanding forever

Max Weber (3):
      interfacestyles: update widget bounds before every render
      WidgetOverlay: remove bounty hunter info widget
      rl-api, rl-client: rename getHealth to getHealthScale

Mitchell Kovacs (1):
      timers plugin: add option to loop timers

Petter Sæther Moen (1):
      agility plugin: add laps per hour to lap counter overlay

Psikoi (2):
      Refactor xp updater requests to use generic request sender method
      Add Wise Old Man to XP Updater plugin

RansomTime (1):
      cluescrolls: Clarify West Ardougne Church clue location (#11238)

Ron Young (3):
      revert banktags: move new tagtab button to the bottom of the list 358703f30719b6785078dc827db42b937dbc7902
      widgets: add bank item count and equipment button ids
      tabinterface: move equipment button into title bar and move title bar widgets

Spedwards (1):
      world hopper: add region filter option to quick-hopping

Tim Granata (1):
      clues: add twisted slayer helm to warrior's guild steps (#11350)

Tomas Slusny (2):
      Prevent screen marker overlays from being reset
      Prevent HotkeyListener from consuming input on login screen

Trevor (1):
      hitsplats: add missing multihitsplat varients

Tyler Davis (1):
      account: Fix tooltip and dialog verbiage (#11132)

skyblownet (1):
      skill challenge clue: Fix DRAGONSTONE_BRACELET item requirement

Étienne Boutet (1):
      idlenotifier: Add bolt tip attaching animations