The Bank Tags plugin has a new right-click menu option of the "New tag tab" button which will display each of your tag tabs as bank items, letting you quickly view and reorganize them. In addition, reordering tag tabs respects your bank rearrange mode selection. Thanks to @raiyni for these features!

Bank tag tabs tab demonstration

The Screenshot plugin now stores all automatic screenshots in sub-folders according to the screenshot type, such as Levels, Quests, Boss Kills, Valuable Drops, Pets, and more. Thanks to @gregg1494 and @Nightfirecat for adding this feature.

There are also several smaller improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • The "highlight over value" option now takes priority over the ground item price threshold colors. If you find all of your items are now highlighted, change the hightlight over value to be 0.
  • Plugin Hub plugins are now sorted by display name and are ordered in a more useful way when searched
  • RuneLite now records your boss kill count and personal bests for the Chat Commands plugin when reading your POH adventurer's log
  • The Item Charges plugin now shows charges for your amulets of bounty and amulets of chemistry
  • Numerous hot-cold clues have had their locations made more precise to improve the Clue Scroll plugin's narrowing feature
  • Following the recent game update, the Clue Scroll plugin now understands ornamented items fulfill emote clue requirements in the same way their un-ornamented versions do
  • Mouse tooltips no longer go off-screen or overlap the mouse cursor when using the "Above cursor" option
  • Mounted Mythical capes now display an icon with the Player-owned House plugin
  • A bug making it difficult to manually type new values into config text boxes with unit suffixes has been fixed
  • The Item Stats equipment bonus tooltips no longer confuse the attack speed difference for the attack stab difference
  • Drift net rewards are now tracked in the Loot Tracker plugin
  • The Agility plugin now uses your ingame goal to determine laps to level
  • Your active slayer task is canceled when you leave the Inferno
  • Guthix rests now have their xp values displayed in the Skill Calculator plugin
  • Impling jars can now be labeled by the Item Identification plugin
  • The Mining plugin learned the respawn times of Weiss salts
  • The Report Button plugin can now show your login time as a measure of game ticks


- Jordan

New commits

We had 19 contributors this release!

Adam (4):
      cache: update kit definition
      point: lombokize
      tooltips overlay: fix multiple above-cursor tooltips
      itemcharges: move matchers after message type check

Alexsuperfly (3):
      chat commands: Refactor repeated test code into setup method
      chat commands: Add KC reading from POH adventurer's log
      chat commands: Add PB reading from POH adventurer's log

Daniel Bolink (2):
      itemcharges: Track Amulet of Chemistry charges
      itemcharges: Track Amulet of Bounty charges

David (1):
      emote clue: Add missing ornament items

DeliciousLunch55 (2):
      clues: Improve Yanille dungeon basement clue hint
      clues: Update "Slay a nechryael" clue text

Deon Zhao (1):
      HotColdLocation: Center South-east Dark Warriors' Fortress location

Hydrox6 (1):
      config: fix entering values directly into options with units not working

JZomerlei (2):
      Add Mythical Cape icon to POH (#10828)
      Change to use github link instead of email (#10934)

Jordan Atwood (5):
      util: Add subdirectory option to image captures
      HotColdLocation: Center some location spots
      item stats: Fix tooltip stab bonus comparison
      itemstats: Fix unarmed attack speed
      itemstats: Add tooltip string method tests

Ron Young (2):
      tag tabs: respect bank rearrange mode for reordering
      banktags: support viewing all Tag Tabs in the bank screen

Skyler Olds (1):
      Add AM/PM description to Timestamp Plugin Config (#10920)

Tomas Slusny (2):
      Use XpTrackerService to determine goals in Agility plugin
      Move matchesSearchTerms util to Text class

Zachary Waller (1):
      ground items: change highlight value to take priority over other value thresholds

dekvall (1):
      loot tracker: add drift net reward

gregg1494 (1):
      screenshot plugin: Capture screenshots to subdirectories

jsnellings1 (2):
      slayer: cancel task when leaving the Inferno
      herblore skill calc: add guthix rest

loldudester (4):
      GroundItems: Keep item lists in input order
      Plugin Hub: Sort plugins by display name
      Plugin Hub: Rework search to something remotely useful
      wintertodt plugin: separate notifications into separate options

melkypie (3):
      itemidentification: add impling jars option
      mining: update duration to use GAME_TICKS instead of milliseconds
      mining: add urt, efh, te and basalt respawn timers

mlvzk (1):
      reportbutton: add Game Ticks option