The Menu Entry Swapper plugin can now swap the "Pickpocket" menu option with the "Talk-to" menu option for all NPCs, not just H.A.M members. (With the exception of NPCs who can be blackjacked)

The Low Detail plugin will now reload your current scene when toggled on or off to apply the changes immediately without requiring a re-log.

The Screenshot plugin's Upload setting now allows you to optionally copy the screenshot image to your clipboard when taken. Thanks to @Alexsuperfly for this contribution.

The Fishing plugin no longer draws duplicate sprites for stacked fishing spots of the same type.

There are also several smaller improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • The Boosts Information plugin can now toggle displaying combat/non-combat/both boosts
  • Examining items found in the seed box will now trigger the Examine plugin
  • The overlay renderer now shows drag outlines at their proper locations again
  • The Slayer plugin correctly recognizes Lizard and Vampyre tasks
  • The Clue Scroll plugin saw multiple fixes, correcting some STASH unit locations, fixing a Song of the Elves-related clue, fixing some clue items showing no names, and added some item variants to some item sets
  • The text of a Western Provinces diary step has been updated in the Diary Requirements plugin after a change since the release of the Song of the Elves quest
  • The white pixels which appeared at the edges of game objects for some players while using MSAA with the GPU plugin have been exterminated
  • The Death Indicator plugin will correctly recognize when players die when respawning in Prifddinas
  • Braindeath Island now has a skybox color
  • Corrections have been made in the Items Kept on Death plugin to show correct values of Avernic defenders and Salve amulet (ei)s.


- Jordan

New commits

We had 12 contributors this release!

Adam (24):
      Revert "Merge pull request #9354 from Toocanzs/centroid-fix"
      xptracker: fix calculating xp offset from offline xp
      api: add accessor for GameState state
      api: add setGameState
      low memory plugin: run changeMemoryMode on game thread
      overlay renderer: fix drawing overlay drag bounds
      authfilter: cache sessions
      loot tracker: batch loot submissions
      ui: center fatal error dialog on screen
      rs: validate loaded config
      slayer plugin: update desert lizards task to lizards
      low memory plugin: set low memory mode after startup
      gpu plugin: require high detail textures
      fishing plugin: deduplicate spot overlay color logic
      fishing plugin: don't render the same fishing spot twice
      fishingspot: don't expose spots map
      api: remove unused Query class
      menu entry swapper: expand talk-to/pickpocket swap to non-blackjack npcs
      Fix some typos
      config manager: overwrite defaults when unable to unmarshall values
      screenshot plugin: add screenshot to clipboard
      runecraft plugin: check config group before updating config
      examine plugin: combine identical widget cases
      examine plugin: add seed box

Alexsuperfly (5):
      slayer plugin: fix unknown tasks not decrementing counter
      slayer: correct Vampyre task spelling
      slayer: add additional target names to Vampyre task
      clues: fix port sarim easy stash plane location
      clues: fix wizards tower bridge plane location

Daniel Bolink (1):
      Update Western Provinces Diary Step after SOTE update

Hydrox6 (8):
      clues: correct "Has no one told you it is rude to ask a lady her age?"
      clues: Fix Bryophyta's staff having no name
      clues: fix names for skilling outfits
      gpu: fix MSAA white pixels
      agility: fix objectid for Arandar lvl 85 obstacle
      runecraft: fix layer of AbyssOverlay
      clues: fix abyssal head recognition
      death indicator: add prifddinas

Jordan Atwood (1):
      slayerplugin: Fix first slayer kill not being registered

Quasindro (1):
      skybox: add Braindeath Island

Ron Young (1):
      ChatboxItemSearch: fix null name check

TheStonedTurtle (2):
      itemskeptondeath: fix avernic defender price
      ItemsKeptOnDeath - Add missing salve (ei) price offset

Thomas Cedeno (1):
      clues: add agility and max capes to graceful set

chestnut1693 (1):
      boosts: add config to not display combat boosts

dekvall (4):
      Add Nullable to Actor::getName
      Fix NPE in groundmarker plugin
      Add Nullable to Client::getLocalPlayer
      Add Nullable to widget dragging methods

xDemoN (4):
      item mapping: add bird nest variations
      timers: update imbued heart to reset on death
      agility: add missing ladder to prifddinas
      emote: change "stomp" to "stamp"