The loot tracker now has collapsible loot boxes, and can also track loot from the Kingdom of Miscellania


The clue plugin now supports Sherlock challenge clues


A loading splash screen was added which shows the client load progress when it is starting. It also includes better error handling, so if the client fails to start it will show a prompt with the reason and possible resolution steps.


A launcher release is planned soon to include a similar themed loading screen, and the improved error handling.

There are also several smaller improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • Fix wasd camera sometimes blocking messages from being sent
  • Updated the XP tracker to try to account for offline xp gain (from eg. mobile) and not factor it into XP/hr
  • Add the remaining new SotE clue steps
  • Update Prifddinas course xp rates
  • Add four dose stamina to herblore calculator
  • Add Dragon bolts to skill calculator
  • Add ferrets to the hunter plugin
  • Add arrow fletching to idle notifier
  • Add Isafdar tripwire to agility shortcuts
  • Add Sarachnis task to the slayer plugin
  • Fix items on death plugin values for repairable untradeables
  • Add volcanic mine entrance to menu entry swapper
  • Fix a bug causing the attack styles plugin to not hide attack styles properly for certain weapon switches
  • Fix loot tracker loot loading on startup to place newer loot at the top
  • Fix mining plugin respawn timers in the wilderness resource area, and on Miscellania
  • Add Trollweiss Mountain Cave agility shortcut
  • Fix camera effects from drunkenness and the fishing trawler with the GPU plugin
  • Fix bug causing bank tag tabs to sometimes not automatically reopen when the bank is opened
  • Fix clipping of world map tooltips
  • Add divine potions to item stats plugin

We are aware of the client pauses common in the demonic gorilla cavern. Some optimization work has gone into this release which should reduce the frequency of the pauses. We hope this combined with the upcoming launcher release, which includes a newer version of Java with increased performance characteristics, will solve this issue for most players.


- Adam

New commits

We had 24 contributors this release!

15987632 (2):
      hot cold clues: center northern blast mine dig location
      hot cold clues: center eastern part of piscatoris hunter area dig location

Adam (18):
      client: cache and reuse Graphics
      client: cache config values
      slayer plugin: validate !task name and location
      slayer plugin: fix task lookup test
      keyremapping: fix race with sending messages and clearing chat input
      config service: return status based on whether set/unset were successful
      config service: add test for parseJsonString
      config service: validate config values
      xptracker: update lastXp after submitting xp gains
      xptracker: move initialization until after login
      xptracker: support xp gains when offline
      cml plugin: fix request throttling
      http-service: use jndi provided mongo
      http-service: remove inferred destroy method on mongo client bean
      osbuddy client: update exchange summary location
      osbuddy client: set UA to RuneLite
      overlay renderer: reduce graphics properties copying
      overlay renderer: remove unnecessary color resetting

Alexsuperfly (10):
      clues: add RUE GO anagram
      clues: add Lady Trahaearn cryptic
      clues: add elvish onions cryptic
      clues: update bow near Lord Iorwerth emote
      clues: add bow in the Iorwerth camp emote
      clues: add beckon by crystalline maple trees emote
      agility: update prif last obstacle exp
      agility: update prif whole course exp
      skill calc: update prif course
      clues: update Falo crystal bow items

Brady (1):
      skill calc: Add four dose stamina to herblore calculator (#4689)

Daniel (1):
      Loot Tracker: Allow loot boxes to be collapsed (#9439)

Daniel Bolink (2):
      achievmentdiary: Update Ardougne Hard diary text (#9551)
      loot tracker: add Kingdom of Miscellania

David (2):
      skill calc: Add Dragon bolts (#9552)
      ge: Add item limits for redwood and celastrus seeds/saplings (#9476)

Dylan Smith (1):
      cluescrolls: Add the new General Hining cryptic clue (#9613)

Gustavo Rodrigues (1):
      hunter: Add support for ferrets (#9524)

Hydrox6 (8):
      idle notifier: notify when adding feathers or heads to shafts
      Move Item Requirement code from EmoteClue to its own sub-package
      Add support for named AllRequirementsCollections
      Add support for Challenge Clues
      clues: remove mis-categorised skill challenge
      item prices: show alch price while selecting item to alch
      item prices: show alch price when alching with Explorer's Ring interface
      Add new crystal equipment IDs to the Item Mapping

Ian Gibson (1):
      clue plugin: update Monk camp clue location

Jordan Atwood (1):
      hotcold: Center level 5 wilderness location

Krysa (1):
      agility shotcuts: add Isafdar tripwire

Max Weber (8):
      ClanManager: handle startup with an empty cache
      runelite-api: Annotate script ids with their argument counts
      runelite-api: allow runScript to take a plain Object...
      runelite-client: Call scripts with the correct number of arguments
      runelite-client: Add loading splash screen
      runelite-client: Make RuneLiteProperties fully static
      runelite-client: Add fatal error dialog
      runelite-client: Bypass Jagex load balancer if we can't connect

Maxwell Chow (1):
      discord: Fix spelling errors in Discord status locations (#9615)

Nate Brown (1):
      slayer plugin: add Sarachnis task

Ron Young (1):
      colorpicker: force hex color to update on window close

TheStonedTurtle (2):
      Fix BrokenOnDeathItems death value by adding repair price
      menuentryswapper - Add volcanic mine entrance to swapQuick

Tomas Slusny (1):
      Snapshot all grahics2d properties in safeRender

Toocanzs (1):
      fix MSAA white pixels

dekvall (7):
      Disable inventory grid if the dragged item is removed
      attack styles: fix NPE in overlay
      attack styles: fix hide styles on weapon change
      loottracker: remove timestamp from LootTrackerRecord
      loottracker: fix order on client reload
      examine plugin: remove examine value for coins
      mining plugin: fix respawn timers in misc and resource area

tortuga69 (2):
      grandexchange: Add Forthos Dungeon item buy limits (#9540)
      Add support for Trollweiss Mountain Cave agility shortcut (#9543)

trimbe (6):
      gpu plugin: fix camera effects used for drunkeness and fishing trawler
      api: remove devtools annotation and rename setSetting
      bank tags: use setVarbit instead of setVarbitValue
      bank tags: properly open saved tab
      hot cold: center 'west of farming guild' location
      world map: correct canvas bounds location and clip tooltips properly

xdesr (1):
      item stats: add divine potions